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Commonly Asked Questions


Which Calor gas cylinder should I use for my barbecue / patio heater / portable heater?


Portable Home Heaters  Most of these heaters take the 15kg butane bottle.  This is the most economical size to use as it optimises the cost and the amount of gas you are buying. If your heater has only two heat settings it probably takes the smaller 7kg bottle.

Barbecues  All modern barbecues (Webber, Royale, etc) use the 13kg or a 5kg 'Patio' bottle.  Both have the same fitting but the 13kg is larger and better value for money if you use your barbecue a lot while the 5kg is smaller, lighter and more discreet.  Once you have paid your deposit on one, you are free to buy the other size at no extra charge.  These cylinders have a little gauge on the side which tells you when the gas is getting low.

Patio Heaters  All modern patio heaters use the 13kg 'patio' bottle.  These cylinders have a little gauge that tells you when the gas is getting low.

Appliances will generally state which cylinders they are compatible with. Propane (red and green cylinders) has a lower boiling point than butane (blue cylinders) and is stored at a higher pressure so it is more suited for storage outside. Butane’s boiling point (conversion from liquid to gas) is around 0 degrees C so in colder conditions around this temperature it will not work.


What do I do when my bottle is empty?

Answer:   When your bottle is empty, simply contact us to arrange collection of your old cylinder & delivery of your new one. Payment can be made to the driver on delivery by cash or cheque or by credit card on this website.

What is the difference between butane and propane

There are three answers to this question:

 (1) Hardly anything, though they do have different fittings.

 (2) Butane is for indoor use while propane is for outdoor use. Butane will start freezing and not allow proper flow of gas from the bottle when the temperature driops to 1 or 2 degrees C. Propane will carry on working until the temperature reaches -10 degrees C.

(3) Google C4H18 for butane and C3H8 for propane and get ready for a chemistry lesson.


What is the operating temperature range for each of the gases?

BS 5482 part 1 states: "For Butane cylinders, satisfactory service might not be obtained at a temperature of less than 10°C; the most suitable temperature range is from 13 to 30°C. For temperatures less than 13°C, the use of propane should be considered."

Are the two gases interchangeable?

If the appliance states in the manufactures guidelines that it can run on propane and butane then you can, but you will need the right regulator.

Are the valves/fittings the same?

No, you will require different regulators.

Where can I get my butane/propane Calor gas bottle refilled?

When your bottle is empty, ring our free phone number to arrange for a full one to be delivered. Payment can be made to the driver by cash or cheque. You can also pay by credit/debit card by phone to the office or on our website.

What is the empty weight of bottles?

All bottles will vary depending on their size, etc. The weight written on the metal disc on the shroud is the weight of the empty cylinder.

What type of gas do Calor patio gas cylinders contain?

Calor patio gas cylinders contain propane, which is also found in our red cylinders.

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