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Home heating

Calor Gas heaters offer your home instant heat. By the time you’ve made your morning cup of tea it will have warmed the frostiest of rooms or offices or workshops.  Cylinders fit inside the heater out of sight.

Portable heaters can be moved into the space you want to heat to give instant warmth. They are fitted with castors and are easy to move. The heat output is high so they warm a room quickly. They are stable and safe to use and fitted with safety devices that shut them off when necessary.  In use, they are odourless.

They are ideal for warming a part of your home rather than have your central heating running all day when most of the family are out.

Most heaters have three heat settings: (1) minimum, putting out the equivalent of 1.6kw will run for about 120 hours on a 15 kg cylinder, (2) medium, delivering the equivalent of 3 kw, about 80 hours and (3) maximum, 4.3 kw, about 60 hours.

Heaters with three heat settings use 15kg butane cylinders. Smaller, more compact models with only two heat settings are available and use 7kg butane cylinders. These cylinders are blue and fit inside the heaters.

Now, we will assume you are a new customer without a cylinder.  A deposit of £39.50 is required on your first order over and above the cost of the gas, which is £36.95 (15kg) or £25.50 (7kg).  When you need a refill, the driver will swap your empty bottle for a full one and you will pay only for the gas at current price.

On the order page you will see a little check box asking if you will be returning an empty bottle.Please ensure that you tick this if you have no cylinder to return.

Call Freephone 0800 345 7177 if you need advice.

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15kg Butane

15kg Butane

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£55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00

7kg Butane

7kg Butane

7 kg Butane The smaller brother to the 15kg butane bottle.This cyli..

£39.00 Ex Tax: £39.00

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